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After Care


Your at-home aftercare is critical to the success of your tattoo.
As improper aftercare can result in pigment loss, infection, and overall poor results.
On the same day as your tattoo application, you will be given a small ointment.
Valerie will advise you on how to use it, as well as how many times and days you should apply it.
Every skin type is unique and necessarily requires a different application of the ointment.

You will NOT be able to do the following for the first six days:

  • wet your brows
  • no extreme indoor/outdoor workouts
  • no sauna/steam room
  • no sun tanning/facial fake tan
  • no direct sun
  • no sitting under the shower and no brow make-up.
  • there are to be no products around the area, including moisturiser

For the first six days, avoid anything that can make your face hot, wet, or sweaty.

After each appointment, the overall healing time is four weeks.
That is when you will be able to see the finished result of your tattooing.


This chart is called the microblading emotions.